Other Resources

Here are a few of my favorite cooking blogs to follow!

Cookie and Kate

Green Kitchen Stories

The Everyday Vegetarian

Ramsons & Bramble

The Veg Space

Sprouted Kitchen

Bint Rhoda’s Kitchen (not all vegetarian, but many recipes are easily converted)

and photos and recipes from our favorite farm from Upstate New York:
Muddy Fingers Farm

SCIENCE! and News!
I like to collect little blurbs about topics in science and food here. Happy reading!

The benefits of GM crops are easily enumerated, but the risks are often simply the risk of “the unknown” which, I think, is why “GMO” elicits such a fear response in many people. Of course, there are some documented downsides to some of the common modified crops. Bt corn seems to minimize the need for pesticides, but the widespread use may create resistant populations of pests. While corn that has a shallower root system and can grow closer together, thereby maximizing the harvest per acre, sounds great on paper, in practice it can ruin soil quality and creates future problems for the farmland, as just one example. However, not a single study shows that GMO food is unsafe to eat and it is one of the most studied issues in biology. Here is a list of 5 things that aren’t worth bringing up in a discussion of GMO crops.

Taste sensations and obesity: fat should be recognized as 6th taste group.

Animals welfare being taken seriously at Chipotle.

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